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connect to mysql using php

How to connect to MySQL Database using PHP

Connect to MySQL using PHP In this article, i will explain how to connect to MySQL using PHP and i will present an example. Connecting to MySQL using PHP is very simple, here is a very basic example on how to connect to MySQL using PHP. <?php $mysql = mysql_connect(‘localhost’, […]

I have added in my portfolio another project. This time is a real estate agency from my town. The company is named Profi Imobiliare Group and i have created the website from zero using codeigniter and bootstrap.

simple php contact form

Simple PHP Contact Form

What is Simple PHP Contact Form? With Simple PHP Contact Form you can send emails from a website, very easy to integrate with modern style. Originally i have created Simple PHP Contact Form for sell, because it is so simple i changed my mind and now you can download it […] is a website created by me from a template. I create for a php script that i create. If you want to know more about visit the website.