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Simple PHP Contact Form

simple php contact form

What is Simple PHP Contact Form?

With Simple PHP Contact Form you can send emails from a website, very easy to integrate with modern style. Originally i have created Simple PHP Contact Form for sell, because it is so simple i changed my mind and now you can download it for free.


I have added PHPMailer as an addon to simple php contact form because it is one of the most used for sending emails. The style of the form looks modern but not to fancy.

Where can i use Simple PHP Contact Form?

If you have a static website and you want a php contact form on it or you don’t want to create your own, then you found the right place. Very easy to integrate, own style, of course it has very few features but you can send emails with little configuration.

Can i add more to it or sell it?

Yes, you can modify and add new features, but you can’t sell it. You can implement it to any website, even to implement in your customers website as long as you don’t sell simple php contact form.
I would appreciate if you add a link to my webpage in exchange for the script.

Here is a temporary preview if you want to see the script in action.
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simple php contact form


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